Agency for Cultural Affairs, Goverment of Japan


The Agency for Cultural Affairs, Government of Japan is sponsoring an innovative cultural promotion project called “CULTURE GATE to JAPAN, which takes as its themes the diverse cultural resources of different parts of the country. Artists and creators who are making their mark in the field of Media Arts (art, entertainment, animation, and manga) have been invited to present their unique perspectives through art exhibits held in seven of Japan’s airports and other facilities. On this website, we feature an online exhibition and showcase the magic of Japanese culture by providing more information on the creative and cultural research process the artists went through.Every part of Japan has its own diverse cultural resources, from the mysterious world of Hokkaido’s indigenous Ainu culture to the vibrant history of Okinawa’s Ryukyu Kingdom. By allowing people to experience these rich traditions from the fresh perspectives of contemporary artists and creators, it is hoped that the exhibits will inspire more people to develop a deeper and broader interest in Japanese culture—thus it was given the name "CULTURE GATE to JAPAN".
With our physical movements restricted as a result of the pandemic, it is becoming more difficult to interact with new people and different cultures. This does not mean, however, that we should stop interacting with people, art, or culture entirely. Our goal with this project is to continue providing people around the world with the joy and wonder that come from coming into contact with cultures that are unfamiliar to them. Though our future is uncertain, we will eventually be able to start interacting again and take trips abroad. When that day comes, we urge you to enjoy these pieces in person at the airport. We all pray for the day when people can go out and experience the art for themselves, a day when they will truly serve as gateways to the fascinating and diverse world of Japanese culture.

Exhibits at the airport
For the people who visit them, airports are more than just physical travel gateways. They also are the points at which people disembark into unfamiliar territory, encountering people and cultures that they’ve never experienced before.
Our movements are restricted these days, greatly limiting our ability to encounter new cultures or interact with people from different regions. However, we believe that these limitations only serve to emphasize the importance of airports as spaces for cultural encounters and amplifying our message out to the rest of the world. As we continue to remind people of the joy and wonder that come from the act of experiencing unfamiliar cultures, we hope it will inspire you to once again return to Japan as soon as you are able.
As we make preparations to welcome you to our unique regional cultures, we also look forward to the day when we will once again see faces from all over the world in Japan’s airports.
About the Japan Media Arts Festival
The Japan Media Arts Festival is a comprehensive festival of Media Arts("media geijutsu" in Japanese) that honors outstanding works from a diverse range of media – from animation and comics to media art and games. The festival gives awards in each of its four divisions: Art, Entertainment, Animation, and Manga. It also provides a platform for appreciation of the award-winning and other notable works. Since its start in 1997, the festival has recognized significant works of high artistry and creativity, and in addition to a yearly Exhibition of Award-winning Works, has held other events, such as symposiums, screenings, and showcases.
"CULTURE GATE to JAPAN" provides opportunities for the winners of the Japan Media Arts Festival as well as other artists and creators who are active in the field of Media Arts, allowing them a forum where they can reinterpret Japanese culture from new perspectives and share it with the world.